For those of you with a birthday in the month of March, you have your choice of two fascinating gemstones, Aquamarine and Bloodstone. Both of these gemstones are suitable for wearing every day, with the Aquamarine hardness at 7.5-8 and Bloodstone at 6.5-7.


To start, Aquamarine is the more well-known of the March birthstones. The name is derived from the Latin “seawater” and is claimed to be the treasure of mermaids and also used by sailors as a talisman of protection and good fortune. Referred to as Neptune’s jewel, sailors would wear an aquamarine amulet carved with an image of Neptune to keep them safe at sea.

Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family, and the colors can range from a deep blue-green color to a sky blue color. Most aquamarines are flawless, being relatively free of inclusions. For the past two centuries, an important source for aquamarine has been in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The aquamarines from the Brazilian town of Santa Maria de Itabira are of superior quality. Aquamarines are also mined in Pakistan, China, Africa, and the US. Aquamarines were very popular in the Art Deco and Retro period, and because of the color, it shows equally well when set in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum.


The second birthstone for March is Bloodstone, also called Heliotrope, and is a dark green Jasper with red iron oxide inclusions. Heliotrope derives its meaning from the Greek word that means “to turn the sun”. It was believed that a Bloodstone placed in water would turn the sun red. Pliny the Elder states that bloodstone was used by magicians as a stone of invisibility. It was also worn by Roman soldiers due to the belief that the stone could slow bleeding.

Bloodstones are found mainly in Indonesia, with other sources found in Brazil, China, Australia, and Scotland. This stone is often found in classic signet rings or Victorian watch fobs and can be carved with a monogram or family crest. There are also many traditional Scottish pieces that are adorned with Bloodstone.

Whether you choose the cool water beauty of Aquamarine or the mysterious Bloodstone, both are exceptional gemstones with an interesting history.

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